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We just had our first Gig at club REVERB, it was an awesome show and we want to thank our fans for turning out and making out first show the motherf*ckin Ish

 Also see us live on the 28th of april at the reverb in tulsa,OK on 11th street between sheridan and yale.

 And My G's we'll have our newest mixtape New Screw City out soon so keep check the page mayne and lets know what you think.. Already

Check out the newest Album No Rest for the Money

Screwed Money consist of three white boys from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Screwface,Money Mayne,and K.G. Da Profit this started off as Money Mayne just flowing everywhere he went and as being a fan of rap, I (screwface) said'  "boy you have to start recording this shit mayne". So I went and got everything we needed to start recording at home and at first it was just Money Mayne rapping and me (screwface) producing, until one night of sippin on drank we were doing some recording and Money Mayne said' "screw you got some flow i heard it before" so i said fuck it let me get on this track. Then Profit got in the group after his cousin krunk brought him over to let us hear them flow and ever since then its been on. As yall will find out after listening to our music we love that southern rap, and you will hear some of our influences like UGK, Trea, Z-ro, Chamillionaire, Tupac and so on, when you listen. So peace out halla at cha boy and be ready for us to drop more music.

If you have any questions about us or our music feel free to send us some fan mail